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Cathy Rentzenbrink

I am a writer who loves to encourage. My memoir The Last Act of Love is about the life and death of my brother. My second book is called A Manual for Heartache and is a broader look at sorrow, anguish, despair, loss and how to try to live with the knowledge that the world can be a cruel place. Dear Reader: The Comfort and Joy of Books does exactly what it says on the tin. My first novel Everyone Is Still Alive is about the deeper realities of marriage and parenting and then Write It All Down: How to put your life on the page will, I hope, encourage other people to tell their stories.

My biog:

Cathy Rentzenbrink is an acclaimed memoirist whose books include The Last Act of Love, How to Feel Better and Dear Reader. Her first novel is Everyone is Still Alive and Write It All Down is a friendly and down to earth guide to writing a memoir. Cathy regularly chairs literary events, interviews authors, runs creative writing courses and speaks and writes on life, death, love, and literature. Despite being shortlisted for various prizes, the only thing Cathy has ever won is the Snaith and District Ladies’ Darts Championship when she was 17. She is now sadly out of practice.

You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @CatRentzenbrink

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