What Cathy’s writing students say about her:

Cathy is not only a brilliant teacher and mentor but something closer to a literary spiritual guide, using her vast wisdom and understanding to support and explore not only the craft but the psychological process of writing as well as the emotional impact of writing from your own life. Her warmth, empathy and generosity make you feel relaxed enough to create and share your work at the same time as allowing her to identify and develop what is unique in each writer.

Xanthi Barker

As a tentative writer-to-be I arrived at the workshop with excitement, nerves and a little voice inside questioning if I had a right to be there.My doubts and insecurities were quickly dissolved by Cathy’s warmth, humour and genuine care for everyone in the room and the stories they wished to tell. I left the workshop with new understanding and concrete tools to use in my writing, but most importantly I left feeling inspired, motivated and capable.I can’t imagine a safer, more supportive pair of hands to guide my words into the world.


When Cathy mentored me for my full-length memoir as part of the development programme for ‘Common People’, I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew she was a hugely admired and respected industry professional (her brilliant memoir was my inspiration), but I had no idea she’d be so ‘human’ and quite so much fun. Cathy combines the gifts of an extraordinary teacher–her knowledge, passion, insight and energy are joyous and second to none–with the warmth of her own life experience, her infectious humour and a rare quality of being able to ‘say it as it is’ in a way you just adore her for.She is inspirational and I learned SO much: from what to consider in life-writing and how to improve my work, to how to edit and see it as a reader would, to understanding the tools writers also need outside creativity. She has helped me stride forward and believe in my work in a way no one else has. Amazing tutor and woman – I cannot rate her highly enough.

Jenny Knight

Cathy has an amazing knack of helping you see all the pieces of the puzzle. I knew I wanted to write something longer than a song but couldn’t see my way. Cathy helped me unlock my stories and encouraged me to dive in.And, despite all my fears, it’s largely exhilarating and enjoyable.Cathy is both intuitive and highly skilled-a brilliant combination as a mentor and a teacher.

Kate Dimbleby

I learned so much from Cathy’s memoir course. She pours her vast knowledge into the material and teaches from the heart. I came away with a strong understanding of how to approach the telling of my own story, and a passion to continue the work I’d started during the course.
Julie Galante

Cathy was one of the tutors on an Arvon course on memoir writing which I attended in 2018. I found her advice in the group sessions and one-to-one tutorials both interesting and helpful. And as important as her advice and guidance she gave me the confidence to think that what I was writing was publishable. Partly because of Cathy I have had the indescribable pleasure of seeing my book in print.

Bill Samuel

Cathy draws on her personal experience in a way that is really helpful and inspiring–and her teaching covers both the playful elements of creativity alongside the practical structure necessary to get the words on the page.She offers a kind and encouraging voice to the process–while also keeping in mind the important notion of readership–and what makes a story work.She helped me see how essential it is to focus on the details that will really make an emotional connection with the reader. I’ve done many writing courses over the years and Cathy has a real gift and passion for teaching.I’d highly recommend her courses to anyone who is writing…or thinking of writing their life story or memoir.

 Bev Thomas

Cathy is funny, open-hearted and kind. She has a rare authenticity about her, has a way of making you feel that you can do this, that your story needs to be heard. I can’t recommend Cathy Rentzenbrink enough, she is a beautiful human being who genuinely cares about books, the craft of writing but more importantly she cares about people. I would trust her to deliver the best experience on any writing course. You won’t regret it.

Esther Connor

Cathy gave me lots of useful practical tips to help me in my writing practice. I have continued to use her ideas and they have helped me to stay committed to my writing. Her nurturing manner was encouraging and really built my confidence. I would recommend her courses to anyone.

Caro Fentiman

Cathy is a natural teacher and attending one of her courses can only be described as life enhancing. You will leave refreshed and uplifted, brimming with ideas, confidence restored, your soul succoured and, moreover, have had a jolly good laugh along the way. Her life experiences have given her a very special ability to empathise and connect with people. This translates into a teaching style that is both vibrant and relevant. You will learn lots on a ‘Cathy Course’. Highly recommended.

Cathy is a wonderful, world-class tutor. She is honest, warm, caring and full of practical knowledge. I attended an Arvon Course she was teaching on and she gave us successful content-gathering exercises, expert tips and showed a genuine enthusiasm for her participants’ work. I would go to every course she ran if I could.
Julie Noble

Cathy is naturally open, honest and dynamic with a flair for making people feel empowered to follow their path. She helped me focus in on my themes by guiding me and encouraging me to set manageable goals. Cathy has an infectious, bubbly and down to earth perspective on life which seeps through in her teaching style. She uses her own life experiences as well as her varied career as a writer to motivate people regardless of the subject, background or experience. Cathy should also be a stand-up comedian.
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