Everyone Is Still Alive

Magnolia Road is a tree-lined street in a desirable neighbourhood, home to a number of growing families. Juliet has recently moved into her late mother’s house with her husband Liam, a writer, and their young son, Charlie. Preoccupied by guilt, grief and the juggle of working motherhood, Juliet can’t imagine ever fitting in with the clique of parents on Magnolia Road. But for Liam, the morning coffees and after-school playdates soon reveal the heartaches, fears and rivalries playing out behind closed doors — all of which are going straight into his new novel.

Juliet tries to bury her unease and leave Liam to forge these new friendships. But when the rupture of a marriage sends shockwaves through the group, painful home truths are brought to light and life on Magnolia Road may never be the same again.

Incredibly tender and astonishingly insightful. I cared so deeply for the characters and read in genuine awe. An utter gem.

Marian Keyes

A total triumph: compelling, compassionate, insightful, funny and moving

Nina Stibbe author of Love, Nina

Touching, tender and profound in its warmth and stillness – a novel that explores family, friendship, grief and love in true, tactile detail. Beautiful and very real.

Daisy Buchanan author of The Sisterhood

Unputdownable – brilliant, beautiful, moving and so funny and well-observed. If you want to know what Happily Ever After looks like, read this.

Philippa Perry author of The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did)

Sharply observed and utterly compelling, Everyone Is Still Alive had me cackling on one page and crying the next; Cathy Rentzenbrink’s warmth and wisdom are evident in every line.

Paul Hawkins, author of The Girl on The Train

An anti-romantic comedy of Lego and disenchantment, shot through with clear-eyed compassion . . . I devoured it

Patrick Gale author of Notes From An Exhibition

I love this book. Funny, wise and clever and full of honesty and kindness. It’s a page-turner that makes you look at yourself and your relationships anew. A unique and generous novel about love, loss and friendship

Kit de Waal, author of My Name Is Leon

Such a beautiful, delicate book

Jenny Colgan

Everyone Is Still Alive is a novel filled with quiet compassion about quotidian lives. Cathy writes with incredible insight about marriage, friendship and parenthood, in a book replete with hope. I absolutely loved it

Hannah Beckerman

Very funny but also sharp and poignant . . . I thoroughly enjoyed it

Adele Geras