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Grenades and Guillotines with Cathy Rentzenbrink

Watch Cathy’s talk here for The Compassionate Friends.

16th October 2020

Cathy Rentzenbrink was told “time heals”. The reality of grief, though, proved very different.

Read Cathy’s essay for Jameela Jamil on the unpredictability of grief and the impact early loss had on her life.

When comfort reading won’t cut it: books to restore hope in humanity.

From Man’s Search for Meaning to a celebration of life in the face of death, Cathy Rentzenbrink picks the books that confirm her faith in people. Read the full Guardian article here.

28th September 2020

Gossips, snacks and the odd proposal: why I loved growing up in a real pub.

With bars in England about to open again, Cathy recalls her teenage years in her parents’ pub in Yorkshire. Read the full article here.

28th June 2020

Discuss is a Globe Opinion feature in which two people engage in a conversation that flows out of a single question. Today’s topic: Living with sadness after losing a loved one. Read the full discussion here.

26th January 2018

A talk for the Wellcome Trust Prize 5 x 15 event

Can reading fiction prepare us for tragedy?

Childrens books – author opinion. Read Cathy Rentzenbrink in the Guardian…

23rd November 2015

Book Week Scotland. Interview with Cathy Rentzenbrink
Interview by LizLovesBooks
Read the full interview…
23rd November 2015

“We read to know we’re not alone”
Review of The Last Act of Love by Northern Soul
Read the full review…
19th November 2015

Brian Viner reviews The Last Act of Love
“Brilliant. moving memoir […] a happy ending in itself”
Read Brian Viner’s full review in the Daily Mail…
9th July 2015

Cathy Rentzenbrink and her brother, Matty, as childrenMatt Haig reviews The Last Act of Love
“Though it seems odd to call a book about loss uplifting, it really is… The book itself feels an act of love”
Read Matt Haig’s full review in the Observer…
5th July 2015

Times summer booksThe Times summer books – non-fiction
‘Guilt, grief, anger, shame, love and hope are all caught in this beautifully written book’
4th July 2015

Cathy Rentzenbrink and her brother, Matty, as children‘I’ll never be free from the feeling that I failed my brother… that I didn’t keep him safe’
Interview with Hannah Stephenson
Read the full interview in the Belfast Telegraph…
4th July 2015

womans hour with viv groskopInterview with Jenni Murray on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour
(photo with fellow guest Viv Groskop)
Listen now on BBC iplayer (starts 22:15)
3rd July 2015

telegraph article‘Is my pain supposed to be a lesser thing?’
Cathy writes for the Daily Telegraph and reflects on the unspoken hardships of dealing with the death of a brother
Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph
2nd July 2015

foyles‘So many misunderstandings abound about comas’
Cathy Rentzenbrink talks to Jonathan Ruppin on the Foyles blog
Read the interview here…
2nd July 2015

gransnet‘Fates worse than death’
Cathy writes for Gransnet
Read her blog on Gransnet…
2nd July 2015

Prima aug interview‘I’ve known such sadness, but this decade will be all about joy’
Interview in Prima magazine (August 2015 issue)

32rentzenbrink3006a‘It took 13 days for my brother to die — who lets that happen in a civilised society?’
After her brother was hit by a car, Cathy Rentzenbrink’s life fell apart — writing it all down has helped her overcome her grief
Read in the Evening Standard… 30th June 2015

Timesinterview‘My brother never woke up. We had to let him die’
Eight years after her younger brother fell into a coma, Cathy Rentzenbrink made a difficult choice.
Read the full interview in The Times (paywall)…
30th June 2015

thepoolInterview with Sali Hughes on The Pool
“I interviewed @CathyReadsBooks for @thepooluk about The Last Act of Love. AMAZING book. I beg you to listen to this” @salihughes 
Listen to the podcast on The Pool
29th June 2015

sunday expressReview: The Last Act of Love
“Although there is pain on every page, this love letter to a beloved sibling is richly rewarding”
Sunday Mirror
28th June 2015

S magazineReview by Hannah Beckerman: The Last Act of Love
“What makes The Last Act Of Love so special, so readable and ultimately so uplifting is that it is a book as much about courage and hope as it is about loss”
Read more in the Sunday Express…
28th June 2015

YouMag‘How could I say I wanted my brother to die?’
Read an edited extract from The Last Act of Love
Read more in the Mail on Sunday – You magazine…
28th June 2015

sat timesReview by Celia Duncan: The Last Act of Love
“Beautifully written… Rentzenbrink brings an authenticity to the genre”
Read more in The Times (paywall)…
27th June 2015

thepoolSmart, but easy, summer reads
Sam Baker, The Pool: “A story so moving, traumatic and cathartic that you’ll read it all, not just in one sitting, but in one painful, deeply held breath”
Read more in The Pool
26th June 2015

bbcradio5liveInterview on BBC Radio 5 Live
Listen to the programme on BBC iplayer (from 26:20)
25th June 2015 (available until 25th July)

newstatesmanpageReview by Henry Marsh: The Last Act of Love
“It is a great achievement to transform such a terrible, indeed grotesque, story – one of a kind with which, as a neurosurgeon, I am painfully familiar – into something rather beautiful and uplifting.”
Read the full review in New Statesman (print only)
26th June 2015

CathysundaytimesReview by Lucy Atkins: The Last Act of Love
“The book’s real power lies in Rentzenbrink’s skill as a writer…a message of enormous hope for anybody who is going through loss, grief or trauma”
Read more in the Sunday Times (paywall)…
21st June 2015

Cathy Rentzenbrink and her brother, Matty, as children‘If anyone was going to wake from a coma, it was my brother’
Read the first extract from The Last Act of Love
Read more in the Guardian…
20th June 2015

Damian Barr Lit SalonDamian Barr’s Literary Salon
Cathy reads from The Last Act of Love and talks to Damian Barr.
Listen to the free podcast on itunes…
8th June 2015

Debrief thumbnailHere’s the non-trashy summer books you need to be reading this year
The De-Brief: Alexandra Heminsley’s pick of non-trashy summer reads that you need to take on holiday.
Read more in The De-Brief…
3rd May 2015

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