I absolutely love tutoring and mentoring and find it the greatest honour to work with other people and help them wrestle their stories on to the page.

I especially love residential courses where there is plenty of time to get into everything in depth and for much growth to happen in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere.

Obviously, Corona has put a bit of a kibosh on things but here’s what I still have coming up:

Curtis Brown Creative online memoir writing course. This is a six-week online course that runs two or three times a year. Please contact CBC for information.

A four day intensive with the lovely people at Curtis Brown Creative in London in the Autumn. Please contact them for more information.

I’m also teaching an Arvon course at Totleigh Barton with Wyl Menuir in August 2020, and I’m at The Garsdale retreat on November 2nd, 2020.

I will do a residential course and a retreat at Kestle Barton in Cornwall as soon as we are allowed to move around again.

I can do bespoke workshops for corporate groups or friends. Do get in touch via teh contact button with any queries.