More about How To Be A Woman

So, a week since my first post and I’ve been having the time of my life. I think I have been learning about how to be a woman, I am finally working out the sort of woman that I think I can be. And I want to encourage other women to be the best versions of themselves that they can be. And I want to honour the sort of men, and there are lots, who champion us, the sort of men who don’t tell us to shut up and sit in a corner but encourage us to stand up and say what we think.

And maybe I shouldn’t rely on that as much as I do. Maybe I shouldn’t need to be sponsored by a man before I feel confident about my opinions. But I’m grateful that they exist. I’m grateful that my father and my husband love to hear me talk. I’m grateful that the men I work with are encouraging me and spurring me on, and making me feel that I am of value.

Because I am inspired by this book. I am striding around like a woman on a mission. I can’t remember feeling quite so revved up about wanting people to read a book.

‘Will I enjoy it?’ Men are asking me.

‘YES! Read it, fall off your chair laughing, give it to your mates, give it to your daughters. READ IT.’

So, the men, the very important men that I mentioned have given me a mission. It’s brilliant, exciting and I will be able to tell you more about it next week…

Some photos

Matthew Kevin (My dad) enjoying feminism made funny. Matthew Jan (my son) just enjoying. He took the launch party wristband off me and played with it as I explained feminism to him through my hangover.





‘So, when you’re a bit bigger you can have a girlfriend, or maybe a boyfriend, that would be fine, but let’s say you have a girlfriend. And girlfriends are wonderful. And you can make sure you do lots of household chores like Daddy does so that your girlfriend has lots of time to write novels. That will be nice, won’t it?’

9 responses to “More about How To Be A Woman”

  1. It’s great to see us supportive men being championed and not, like one news story did, criticised for ‘benevolent sexism’ – though when I suggested to Mrs C that I let her carry her own shopping as it empowered her I had to dodge smartly from a thump. No telling her to sit in a corner and stay quiet.

    And great that you aren’t either.
    Looking forward to hearing about the ‘Mission’

  2. Your little boy is sooo adorabubble!!
    The blogs great too.
    I would never normally choose to read a book called How to be a Woman, but now I think I might be persuaded.

  3. Gorgeous pics of Matthew. Am loving the blog.

  4. Lovely blog, Cathy! Have ordered the book (another Amazon bargain!) – postman think I have shares in the company haha. Hope to see you on Urchins sometime? Hugs, Kate x

  5. Marrie McCusker Avatar
    Marrie McCusker

    Great Cathy, keep them coming! Glad you’re training little Matthew to follow in Dad’s and Grandad’s footsteps.

  6. Cathy I’m so impressed by this. Your portrait of your Dad is so warm. The relationship you have shines in your writing. Your small person is the bees knees, a real raving cutie.

  7. Sally Whittle Avatar
    Sally Whittle

    I’ve really enjoyed your two blogs so far and I’m very intrigued by what’s to come! The book you’re recommending sounds wonderful too; I shall have to get it now.

  8. I shall have to read this book now (especially given my latest post) if only to debunk it.

    1. (I’ll now go and sit quietly in the corner).

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