Mission update

Mission Update as promised – more the promise of an update, really.

Warning – this is extremely soppy!

Yesterday I went to our lovely shop at Piccadilly and was interviewed by a very nice man from The Evening Standard about what we plan to do to support their magnificent Get London Reading campaign.

I can’t say what it is quite yet but it will be in The Standard later today. It is big, bold, and I’m incredibly proud to be involved. A lot of people have worked extremely hard to set it up and all our lovely London booksellers will work extremely hard to pull it off.

I talked for what seemed like hours to the very nice man from The Standard and he asked such interesting questions. I’ll wait to see the piece before saying more.

Tomorrow is my parents wedding anniversary. It will be 39 years since the day my mother found 6 four leaf clovers in the garden and felt that she was destined to be a happy woman. 39 years since my dad’s best man, when asked to read the telegrams had to admit that he couldn’t read. 39 years since they set off on honeymoon with nowhere to live when they got back.

She was 18 and he was 22. She was the head girl at Falmouth Grammar School and he was covered in hair and tattoos and could hardly read or write.

I was there. There was three months worth of me wriggling around in my mother’s plate flat tummy, under the dress she made herself in between sitting her A levels….

I feel very proud of both of them today and I feel very lucky in just about every possible way.

One response to “Mission update”

  1. Michelle Stewart Avatar
    Michelle Stewart

    Oh, I love the image of you 3 months old going on the honeymoon x

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